January 9th, 2013



Today' purge focus: books. Not cookbooks, those are being looked into. Not art books, those are still important to me I think. But regular books. I mostly have a manageable amount of regular books. But I also have a lot of regular books that I've never read, or haven't read in a long time and, most importantly, probably won't ever read or read again. Those should probably go.

wolf359nmt will hopefully take all my dead and not dead electronics or might be dead electronics.

I have decades of t-shirts in garbage bags ready to go, but I can't shake the terrible feeling that I might someday need those t-shirts. A great many of them I haven't worn in a decade. Lots of them I have never worn. I really shouldn't try holding on to them so hard.

I dropped off three 45 gallon garbage backs of t-shirts at the thrift store. They are gone. I told her I had more, and she said not to bring them. I had no easy way to weigh them, but they were heavy. Cookbooks are in a holding pattern while I wait for options to trickle in. Food books were going to disappear soon, but Jess showed some interest in them, so I'm holding on to them for now. I need to box up electronics soon.