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2013-01-07 - Spleenier Than Thou [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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2013-01-07 [Jan. 7th, 2013|02:07 am]
I feel like my possessions are a crushing weight. I worry about them. I have so many of them. I don't need them.

My cookbooks, for example. I've loved collecting them for years. They filled a hole in my life that I couldn't fill in any other way. But they don't actually work that well. They were just retail therapy with a strong theme. I had to keep buying them. More and more. Now I have too many. I still have the hole to fill. I can't really afford to buy more cookbooks. I can't store new cookbooks. I can barely store the cookbooks I have. I can't effectively use them. I don't even cook out of them.

Mary once told me, and I quote, "Having a house full of cookbooks you've never used is like having a house full of naked pictures of women you have never fucked." My reply was obviously that I had both. I still do have both.

I just measured, and I have 113 linear feet of cookbooks on my shelves. That's a lot of cookbooks. Over 1100 of them, at last count. I use few of them. In fact, really, I can only remember using The Joy Of Cooking for the past few months. One book. All the rest are just baggage. I look things up on the internet. I did use a cookbook yesterday, that wasn't Joy Of Cooking. I found the recipe on the internet, and I happened to have the book already, so rather than carry the laptop to the kitchen, I carried the book.

I can't just throw them away. That would be a terrible thing to do. I could probably sell many of them back to Amazon for a gift card. But that would require a tremendous undertaking to box and label and ship each book. Possibly I could contact a big used book store and arrange for them to do something with them, and I'd get some money out of it. I don't know how the logistics would work. If I would have to ship to them, or if they would arrange it, or what.

As far as pictures of naked women I've never fucked, I have at least 23 linear feet of shelves devoted to those books. Plus all those naked pictures I have on my hard drives.

And after looking around a little for selling books, it might not be worth it. Maybe I'll donate them to the Public Library for their book sale.

I should mention the nightmares. I've only had nightmares once since Thursday. Just once. I was being eaten alive in them. But just once. I've only had them once.

I'm also purging clothes. Lots of clothes. Clothes I haven't worn in a long time, or that I've never worn. Mostly t-shirts. I have a lot of t-shirts. I've hoarded them for years. I'd buy them 2 or 3 at a time so in case something happened to one, I still had more. I have 8 Soylent Green t-shirts, so that I can wear one every day of the week, and when I'm doing laundry. These will either go straight to the trash (if in any way defective) or the thrift store.

I'm watching Fight Club again. I watched once already today. I can probably get in four viewings of it today.

I've gone through most of my clothes. T-shirts. They are doomed. It is the trash or the thrift store for them. I'm not sure I should bother with the thrift store. I should probably just trash them. I've saved a small collection of important t-shirts. I took pictures of the various 49ers and spring fling t-shirts. I didn't see some I know should be there, so I suspect I have more t-shirts hidden somewhere.

Hello Fight Club #3.

Fight Club, again.