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Livejournal Friends [Jan. 6th, 2013|12:02 pm]
I've always maintained a policy that I would friend anyone who friended me, and no one else. People whose journals I wanted to read, I would read manually if they never friended me.

For several years now, during my "hiatus" from Livejournal, I've had people friend me whom I refer to simple as the Russians. They seemed to be photography people when it first happened, though one looks more like a meme-sheep now. Why they follow me I don't know. They post in Russian, or some language I can't differentiate from Russian, so I don't know what they say.

Right now, I have 112 LJ friends. Going through the small feed that LJ makes available I see that 3 of my Russians have been posting, 6 actual people I know have been posting, and 5 people I met on the internet have been posting. The Russians are the most prolific, and as one of them posted a video with sound that played on my friends page, still the most annoying. Most of the internet people post sporadically. One person I actually know posts a lot, but the rest are pretty sporadic.

I wonder what I should do. Currently, I usually use a custom friends list to skip the Russians. I can't understand what they are saying, and I'm not usually in the mood to look at their pictures if I can't read anything about them.

I don't have anyone whose journal I want to read anymore, so I don't do that.