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Employment [Mar. 26th, 2013|07:11 pm]
Back in 2011 I was laid off from work. During George W. Bush's administration congress had cancelled the project I worked on and the funding finally wound down. There was some meager unemployment to be had. Over the 559 days I was unemployed I averaged approximately $29.62 per day, or an average of $207.37 per week. My "work" was looking for a job. It usually took about 2 hours per week, once I was good at it. Some weeks were harder; any government jobs, for instance, could easily take two or three hours each, and I had to apply to two per week. So I made a little money for a little work, nothing spectacular. A congressman makes about $3336.99 per week, just to give you a comparison.

But I'm employed now, since February 19. Since that day my work has technically compensated me with $507.17 but they took money away from me to pay for the benefits they provide, so really, only $450.89 for my time. That comes out to $12.88 per day, or $90.18 per week.

The moral of this story is that I'd be better of being a congressman. I'd have tons of cash, little moral or ethical restrictions, hot interns to take care of any personal things I need taken care of, and a far better retirement plan.
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Five Hundred And Fifty Nine [Feb. 18th, 2013|07:41 am]
As of today, I have been unemployed for 559 days.
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2013-01-14 [Jan. 14th, 2013|01:31 pm]
Wal*Mart charges almost $14 per roll to develop film, and doesn't return it to you. That's absurd.
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2013-01-13 [Jan. 13th, 2013|01:14 am]
No water again. Apparently my insulation wasn't enough.
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2013-01-12 [Jan. 12th, 2013|12:30 am]
I'm losing weight. I've been awake since I woke up Thursday morning. It is now Saturday morning.

I purged the bulk of my cookbook collection today. The Friends Of The Library has most of it now.

I should sleep soon. I don't feel tired though.

I went on a 10 mile bike ride today. It was cold. Very cold.

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2013-01-11 [Jan. 11th, 2013|01:21 am]
While purging I came across something bad. An entire box of negatives, many of which were B&W. I thought all my B&W negatives were in one place. But they weren't. But that isn't what is really bad. Someone else's negatives are mixed in with my negatives. This probably happened back in the late 1990s. Finding that person could be hard.

Purging cookbooks doesn't look profitable. The amount of work required to plod through online quote collection followed by packaging them up and shipping them out probably wouldn't be worth it, and I think I'd get rid of less than half of them that way for about $0.10/$1.00 on the original purchase price. Time, boxes, time, tape, time, shipping labels, and time would make it painfully low in compensation.
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2013-01-10 [Jan. 10th, 2013|12:09 am]
Lots of books are packed up to disappear. My personal book collection has been trimmed down quite a bit. And a lot of electronics stuff is gone, thanks to wolf359nmt. What is left is mostly junk, and should probably just be thrown away.

Gaming was miserable tonight. Jason has lost the use of one of his arms. He isn't talking very fast either. I'm trying to wrap the campaign up before he dies.

I'm not feeling much happier. I've eaten somewhat normally today, sort of.

When I said today, I meant yesterday, as I wrote that just after midnight.

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2013-01-09 [Jan. 9th, 2013|08:44 am]
Today' purge focus: books. Not cookbooks, those are being looked into. Not art books, those are still important to me I think. But regular books. I mostly have a manageable amount of regular books. But I also have a lot of regular books that I've never read, or haven't read in a long time and, most importantly, probably won't ever read or read again. Those should probably go.

wolf359nmt will hopefully take all my dead and not dead electronics or might be dead electronics.

I have decades of t-shirts in garbage bags ready to go, but I can't shake the terrible feeling that I might someday need those t-shirts. A great many of them I haven't worn in a decade. Lots of them I have never worn. I really shouldn't try holding on to them so hard.

I dropped off three 45 gallon garbage backs of t-shirts at the thrift store. They are gone. I told her I had more, and she said not to bring them. I had no easy way to weigh them, but they were heavy. Cookbooks are in a holding pattern while I wait for options to trickle in. Food books were going to disappear soon, but Jess showed some interest in them, so I'm holding on to them for now. I need to box up electronics soon.
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Legos For Sale [Jan. 8th, 2013|11:34 pm]
I'm trying to purge my life of possessions.

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2013-01-08 [Jan. 8th, 2013|12:44 am]
I failed to watch Fight Club through to the end the fourth time. Or maybe the fifth time. I don't know.

I didn't go for a walk with eparchos yesterday, but I did run on the treadmill some while I watched Fight Club.

I haven't eaten since Sunday. I feel like I'm not drinking enough, but I do notice I'm peeing plenty.

I've slept again. Still no nightmares since that one night.

I meant to have breakfast today, but that hasn't happened yet, and it is almost noon. I also need to charge two camera batteries. I should have already charged them.

So I'm sitting around thinking I really need to eat something. Then I realize, I'd found my bag of pistachios, and I'd been eating it for a good ten minutes already.

Scott Pilgrim Versus The World! Stephanie and her husband and their roommate are coming soon to watch Rare Exports. It should be interesting.

I'd read that there were going to be nearly 200 naked men in that movie. I saw 50 at most, and from the behind the scenes I suspect only maybe a dozen were real. But they were really naked. I missed the half-hard one, but Stephanie saw it.

I ate well today. Pistachios, and cookies, and shipwreck. I have left overs too.

I spent $2347.16 on legos that I have invoices for. I know I bought a few sets at Wal*Mart too that I don't have prices on. So, just shy of $2500. I've done almost nothing with them. I should get rid of them.
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